Padded Transit Covers: a Win-Win

Packaging gets a bad name these days. This is not surprising since it can be found in the oceans, in rivers and, of course, littered around our streets. Not only have we managed to allow packaging to become litter, we have even gone to the trouble of paying for its passage on ships to far flung parts of the world, creating a large carbon footprint in the process.

Padded wrap-around shroud
Padded Transit Cover

The thing is, much of our packaging is needed. After we strip out packaging used more for marketing purposes (Easter eggs are often cited in this regard) and other excesses, we are left with packaging which is used to protect the goods it is carrying.

Help is at hand! We have a plan to rid humanity and it’s beleaguered mother – that’s poor old Mother Nature – of packaging! Yes, that’s right, it IS possible to do away with packaging and maintain all of its useful functions of protecting products, providing product information and much more. Our grand plan is being developed. In the meantime, here is a taster: our reusable Padded Transit Cover (PTC).

A PTC is a bit like the lagging around an immersion heater. It is a very tough padded shroud that wraps around any large object that is a regular shape. It can also be custom-made for irregular shapes.

The PTC can be re-used 100’s or even 1000’s of times. It simply wraps around the product and latches onto itself using Velcro. It takes a few seconds to wrap and even less seconds to remove.

Perfect for white goods, large plant and delicate/expensive items like antiques.

There you have it: a padded wrap-around that does the job that was previously done by loads of bubble-wrap, cardboard or polystyrene.

What is even better is that the PTC costs a lot less than using throwaway packaging.

A win for the environment and a win for business.

The Padded Transit Cover can be found here

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