Insulated Roll Cage Shrouds

5es Roll Cage Covers are saving retailers and logistics companies a lot of money as they do not need to build dedicated cold or warm rooms and dedicated vehicles for relatively small quantities of products that find themselves in an alien temperature environment.

As a result it is now possible to reduce or even eliminate refrigerated transport using these covers.

Thermal Covers for Milk Roll Containers (MRCs) are now available, allowing dairies to offer retailers longer out-of-temperature dwell times. They are available at Packsource, here


One shroud comes in two pieces:

  • 5-sided cover, i.e. 4 sides + roof
  • base

The front side is an up-and-over door. The door seal is made using Velcro.


  • 420D PVC coated Nylon
  • Edges are blocked using nylon thread block

Performance (standard core material)

  • Intrinsic thermal conductivity (k) W/m.K: 0.030
  • Thermal Resistance (clo): 4.70