Polythene Product List

The following goods are available from 5es Transit Packaging. Please note that sizes/colours/thickness can be made to your requirement. For orders or any enquiries please ring 01279 817674 or contact us

Pallet Shrouds and Pallet Covers

NameDimensionsThickness (micron)ColourGusset?Buy
“CREST” Pallet Cover1270/2337 x 965mm (a pallet “cap” that drops about 150mm from the top)30naturalyesPack of 50; pack of 200
“VALANCE” Half Pallet shroud1250/2350 x 1600mm30naturalyesSingle; pack of 50
“PORTIERE” Full Pallet shroud1270/2337 x 2578mm30naturalyesSingle; pack of 50
P4 Full Length Pallet Shrouds – Red Tinted1250/2350 x 2600mm30red tintyesSingle; pack of 10; pack of 20; pack of 50
P61 3/4 Length Pallet Shrouds1270/2337 x 2120mm30light red tintyesPack of 50
P67 Thicker Red Tint Pallet Shrouds1270/2337 x 2578mm50red tintyesPack of 20; pack of 40
P64 3/4 Length Pallet Shrouds Yellow Tint1270/2337 x 2120mm30Yellow tintyesPack of 50


NameThickness (Micron)ColourGusset/ShapedBuy
Refuse Sacks (ultra thick)95BlackyesPack of 50; pack of 100
Single Armchair Covers100NaturalyesPlease ask
Small Sofa Cover (2 seater)100NaturalyesPlease ask
Large Sofa Cover (3 seater)100NaturalyesPlease ask
Mattress Cover King Size125NaturalyesPlease ask
Mattress Cover Queen Size125NaturalyesPlease ask


NameDimensionsThickness (micron)ColourGusset?Buy
Airport Liquid Bags190 x 190mm40NaturalnoPack of 6
S1 Suitcase Bags1000 x 1300mm45Blue OpaquenoPlease ask