AerodynamicHaving a low drag coefficient through air or liquid

Air Deflector
A wing-shaped object that is positioned above a trucks cab. It is designed to reduce air resistance and thus optimise fuel efficiency
Ambient (temperature)The natural (unrefrigerated) temperature of any given area
AxleShaft connecting two wheels
Brake LiningThe material on the brake shoes
Brake ShoesDevices that grip the brake drum in order to slow or stop a wheel from turning
BulkheadA partition that separates chambers
Commercial VehicleA vehicle that carries out work for a commercial organisation. i.e. a truck
Control statisticsA data set depicting typical or average conditions
Data SetList of information where each piece of information is relative to other pieces of information in the same set
DollyWheeled platform
Drag (vehicles)Drag Coefficient
Drag CoefficientThe extent to which an object resists air or liquid because of its shape or movement
Easy SheetA sheet of durable and waterproof material that fully covers a truck load of loose items such as aggregate or waste. The easy sheet is used on trucks whose load area has an open top
FleetA group of vehicles (or sometimes other objects) that collectively form a group
Fleet ManagerThe person who manages the fleet
Gas FuelThis can either be a generic term for fuel or can mean a particular fuel (such as gasoline in the U.S.)
Goods VehicleA commercial vehicle that carries products
Gross WeightThe weight of a given item or items plus the weight of its container or carrier
LogisticsPlanning and execution (of product distribution)
Multiple AxleAn assembly of more than one axle joined together
PalletA flat base on which goods (usually in boxes, trays or bags) are stacked and moved
Pallet ShroudPolythene cover that completely shrouds palletised goods
PalletisedGoods that are stacked on a pallet
PolyethyleneA thin and flexible thermoplastic
Price HedgingThe method of reducing the risk of price fluctuations
Refine (oil)Turn crude oil into consumer fuel
RefineryThe plant that refines fuel (it can also be applied to other plants that refine chemicals)
RefrigerateTo regulate the temperature of goods
Rogue DataInformation that is out of the ordinary or excessively at variance with the average
Roll CageA trolley with either 2, 3 or 4 vertical sides that is about 2m (6.5′) tall that holds and moves goods
Roll Cage CoverA shroud that completely covers a roll cage
Roll PalletRoll cage
Satellite NavigationMethod of navigating where a computer polls a geo-positioning satellite for its precise position information and plans a route automatically using pre-programmed route knowledge
Secondary PackagingThe container in which several finished packs would be distributed (and sometimes displayed in)
Short-haulRelatively short journey
ShroudComplete covering
Side Curtains (trucks)Durable sheets that are drawn across the length of a truck’s open sides. The sheets can be drawn back to reveal part of or most of the load, allowing side un/loading
Side Un/loadingThe ability to load or unload a truck from the long sides (usually with a fork truck) as opposed to un/loading from/to the back doors
Slip SheetA thin fibreboard or plastic base on which goods (usually in boxes or trays) are stacked and moved
Streamlined (vehicles)Shaped to reduce air or water resistance
TachographA device that records variable events in a vehicle’s journey. The events record will vary according to jurisdiction, but will typically include speed, the travelling time and idle time
Tare WeightThe weight of the container or carrier of a given item or items
Temporary Chilled StorageStorage for temperature-reliant goods that is used for a limited period of time
Tertiary PackagingThe carrier for the secondary packaging
ThermoplasticFlexible plastic that turns to liquid when heated sufficiently and goes brittle when frozen sufficiently
TransitMovement between domains
Transit PackagingItems that are used to protect goods during transit such as boxes, roll cages and pallets
Viscous (liquid)Thick